Louise Savoie

Louise Savoie is a French Canadian artist living in Calgary. While living in Montreal as a young adult, she attended live drawing classes as an escape from her non-creative job. After a divorce in her 30’s, she attended design school and became an interior designer. Twenty years later, she found herself on the west side of the country and started painting seriously.

For eight years, she painted representational subjects in oil and participated in yearly group shows. In 2016, she craved a change from objective paintings and redirected to abstract art.

Louise has been exploring mixed media non objective paintings ever since.

Setting up for a painting session has its rituals: music, sketching and writing in my creative journal. When I paint, I aim to be in a state of mind that will let me ‘do’ without thinking too much. I do not plan the painting beyond the colour palette. I work with multiple layers, alternating pencil scribbles, mark making and paper collage with acrylic paints. I sand between layers which creates a rich surface history. My paintings are colour based with a geometric and grid underpinning.

The joy of bringing my art to life is immense and it is further amplified when the viewers are touched and intrigued by what they see in my paintings.