Sue Contini

I am a contemporary landscape painter living and working in Calgary, Alberta. I work primarily in acrylic although I take great joy in all media. My grandmother fostered love of art-making early in my life and as an ever-moving military kid, my constant was the varying landscape of my journeys.

After I graduated from York University’s Fine Arts program, life took me to Northern Ontario, and then the prairies, during which time I did everything I could to instill a passion for the arts in the children in my world. I love to teach, but love to learn just as much. My art world has been full of incredible instruction and mentorship and I have spent many years working to pay that forward, instructing in all mediums. A prepandemic highlight was coaching with Doug Swinton in Alert Bay, BC (2019).

I have been honoured to jury for many local art organizations as well as the Calgary Stampede Grade 12 Scholarship, Calgary Stampede Art Auction and Calgary Stampede Poster Competition.

Artist’s Statement
My approach to each painting is sparked by glimpses of atmosphere, colour and light in the landscape. I want to convey the mood and feeling of those fleeting impressions in my work. As much as I am driven to capture the scene, I can’t escape the resonating patterns and rhythms of the land, wind, water and light. My process of layering allows colour to optically mix and provides effects that are unachievable otherwise. There is a delicate balance of intuitive painting and very controlled development in my work - I am constantly looking for interesting areas to develop in the painting while at the same time trying to stay true to my initial intent.