Samantha Williams-Chapelsky

Samantha Williams-Chapelsky completed her Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree from the University of Alberta in 2009, with distinction, majoring in painting and art history.

Samantha has been exhibiting her art extensively for the past 15 years worldwide.

Her paintings are included in numerous corporate and private collections and are represented in select commercial art galleries across Canada.

Artist Statement

I produce large scale abstracted landscapes with a focus on the materiality of the paint to allude to emotion and feeling within the natural space. I reference landscapes from across Canada and create these works with brooms, palette knives and litres of paint on birch panels. My work has unique finishes and sheens varying from shiny to matte to indicate an intuitive feeling of a geographical element in the landscape. With textural elements, gestural marks, and rich color palettes, I embark on a journey of discovery with each work of art. I begin with a landscape reference and through the use of modern matte acrylics and added paste mediums, I move across the painting surface with an abstract expressionistic style. My work approaches landscapes with passion for connection and engagement with the senses using the physicality of paint and texture.