Cynthia Makara

I initiated my professional career in Argentina where I graduated as a Graphic Designer with a Bachelor’s Degree in Packaging Design. I developed a passion for expression through art which led me in a path of exploring different techniques.

I participated in art studios and as disciple of great local artists. I see the objects in my surroundings and space as a whole, focusing on simplifying shapes and filling them with vibrant colours.

I moved to Alberta in 2005, and continue my development as an artist, participating in different associations and workshops where I was introduced to encaustic medium in 2009. With my own vision and love for arts and design, I fell in love with encaustic; a combination of beeswax, damar resin and pigments. I realized that the complexity of the medium creates unique texture, unpredictability, depth, warmth, unparalleled finish, and vibrancy of the colours.
Very different from other painting techniques. I committed myself to evolve and perfect this unique technique by constantly challenging myself.

My work is inspired by the beauty of nature, capturing pleasant and vastness moments fuelled by the beauty of western dusks, dawns, forests, mountains and prairies. My paintings are a source of spiritual peace and relaxation. They represent the glory of the sky and its magnificence. The ability to master a multilayered approach creates unique combinations and views based on different levels and angles of illumination.