Michele Holland

Michele has been an artist her whole life. She started with pastels and a sketch book at age 11. She began her formal studies in the fine art program at Grant MacEwan College in 1980. She later transferred to the University of Alberta to pursue a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree.

Since moving to Calgary in 1997 she has continued her studies in drawing, painting, design and photography at the University of Calgary, the Alberta College of Art and Design and the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology. Inspired by the Impressionists and the Expressionists, Michele’s work focuses on light, colour, movement and brushstroke. She chooses her subjects based on her reaction to the mood or emotion a particular situation evokes. Her art, whether it is a landscape, urban scene, floral or figure is reflection of the way she sees the world around her. She is known for her ability to break down colour and lay down paint. Each piece is a reflection of her mood – ranging from soft, sensitive brush strokes to bold, dynamic explosions of colour. Her work has been shown in galleries throughout Alberta and is held in collections across the country.