Kathy Bradshaw

Kathy Bradshaw is an award-winning Canadian encaustic & oil artist who specializes in landscape and animal portraiture. Her luminous work exudes energy and life and is guided by her sensitive observation skills, a strong foundation in drawing and her emotional response to the subject before her.

Expressive mark-making, colour, texture and light all play a powerful role in her paintings.

Much of Bradshaw’s work is inspired by the various places she has travelled to in Canada and abroad. Her landscapes focus on the power of space and are generally devoid of human influence or presence so that the viewer can solitarily embrace the beauty and solitude of the northern landscape before them. Seduced by animal forms for their emotional and symbolic connections, Bradshaw strives to capture their “inner landscapes” through gaze and gesture, resulting in soulful portraits that are often close-up, immersive and eye-to-eye.

Kathy received her BFA with great distinction from the University of Saskatchewan in 2005 and since then, has enriched her practice through workshops and mentorships with local and international artists, international artist residencies and solo and group shows across Canada and the U.S. She has won numerous awards for her landscapes and animal portraits and was also named a “Saskatchewan Artist to Watch”. Bradshaw’s work is represented by several galleries across Canada and her paintings are part of collections throughout North America and around the world.