Soar! Overcoming Fear and Unleashing Your Creativity

Here's everything you'll need to get the most out of this incredible workshop.

Supply List - Soar! Overcoming Fear and Unleashing Your Creativity

50% of learning to paint is in the supplies you use. If you use inferior grade products expect inferior results with your painting.

PAINTS (Oil or Acrylic)

What ever you use but here is a list of the least expensive colours the make the most amount of mixes.  (Follow also for acrylic)

  • Cad yellow light
  • Cad yellow deep Yellow ochre
  • Cad orange
  • Perlyne maroon (maroon in acrylic by Golden)
  • Quinacridone rose or permanent rose.
  • Ultra blue
  • Manganese blue hue
  • Viridian green
  • Titanium white
Try to use artist grade paints (Gamblin or M Graham etc)
  • Please no student grade and defiantly no craft paints


  • The bigger the better. Strip off palettes are great. (Please NO egg cartons or Styrofoam meat trays).


  • Good quality bristle brushes. (No Dollar store brushes). 2,4,6,8,10, Flats.
  • 1- 3” cheap big bristle brush for blending.
  • #1 or 2 taklon liner brush Small amount of Q-tips., keep in a zip lock bag.


  • A good metal leak proof bush washer is a very good item to invest in. You will thank me for it.
  • For acrylic paints - yogurt containers with a kitchen scratchy ( this is a must if you want clean brushes.) in the bottom.
  • You do not need to bring solvent down with you. We will supply, and have lots. You also do not need to bring a medium with you as I will bring that down with me.
  • Retarder medium for acrylic. Its hot and things dry fast. This is a must if your an acrylic painter.


  • Any size you would like to try. Smaller canvases are easier to get finished in class; large canvases will allow you less time to try things.
  • We will be painting up to 4-6 paintings a day.
  • 8x10, econo canvas boards/ panels masonite boards. 
  • Sketchbook for thumb-nails and taking notes - Vine charcoal
  • Blue shop towels (hardware store)
  • Garbage bags (Safeway bag)


Good quality outdoor pochade or plein air easel will be a necessity.

If you doing acrylic, gouache or watercolour you will want some kind of foldable or collapsable water container.


Spritz bottle for keeping things moist.