Required Materials - UPDATED

Essential Colours:
  • Hansa or Benzimidazolone Yellow
  • Napthol Red Light
  • Cerulean Blue (or Cerulean Blue Hue)
  • Bone or Ivory Black
  • Titanium White (Heavy Body - Golden or Graham brands are best for opacity)

For those of you who consider yourselves more experienced art adventurers, I have added some bonus paint colours to the supply list! Look it over - and bring what you have!

Bonus Colours:

You can bring these (if you have them)

  • Pthalo Blue
  • Ultramarine Blue
  • Quinacridone Rose
  • Transparent Red Iron Oxide
  • Nickel Azo Yellow
  • Cadmium Yellow Deep

NOTE:  Fluid or Heavy Body paints are just fine.  Except for that WHITE!


  • Golden Gloss Medium (essential) and a small container to hold it.
  • White Gesso (any)
  • *Bring any other mediums that you might have, gels, pastes, etc. to try; they are all fun and we will discuss their benefits and drawbacks. 
  • We will be using these for surface preparation - if you have time, check out my video and do this ahead of time so that we can get right down to painting on Day 1!


  • A variety of supports - these can be stretched canvas, canvas boards, birch panels that have been sealed with acrylic gel medium - sizes between 9x12 and 16x20 are most manageable. A minimum of two, and no maximum.
  • Disposable Palette Paper
  • Masking tape
  • Scissors
  • A few sheets of watercolour paper for exercises
  • An assortment of brushes, both bristle and synthetic. Essential: A ¾”angle brush, a ⅜” angle brush, a round brush (size 6 or 8), and a size 2 liner brush.
  • An old metal fork, an old gift card, and some clean soft rags
  • Vine charcoal (a few pieces)
  • Inktense pencils (Willow and Bark are my favourites)
  • A China Marker (black or white)
  • Shop Cloth (Blue cotton paper towel)
  • A spray bottle - my favourite is a giant Zep one with an adjustable nozzle from Home Depot, not a wee delicate mister!
  • Your phone or ipad and a charger, and a few resource photos of your favourite landscapes.
  • New: A tablecover, and another for the floor (if you are a messy painter!)
  • An easel (not necessary, but some people like to work on them)