Estelle Gonord

Estelle was born in 1994 in the beautiful city of Sete, in France. Surrounded by the sea and a rich nature diversity she always loved to explore new places and watch what was around her.

She started taking photos of her dogs, cats, birds and nature around with a disposable camera when she was only 6 years old.

She always loved to be by herself surrounded by nature, that's where she always felt safe.

It's that love of nature that lead her to the way to protect her. Through her photos, she aspires to convey the importance of preserving our fauna and flora.

For several years she lost her way to photography and went to sports school and ended to be graduated in kinesiology.

It's really when she came to Canada that she decided to go back to her first love : photography.

Inspired by these magnificent landscapes and this rich fauna she bought her first reflex in 2019, a Nikon D3500 with a 18-55mm and a 70-300mm.

She is a self taught photographer who through in-depth research and many hours in the field has she trained herself.